Thermoresistance Sensors

EMKO Elektronik offers wide range of thermoresistance sensors with several types (PT100, PT1000), dimensions, fitting, output signal, cable length.


For further information about thermoresistance presented by EMKO see links below:






 (RT) Standard Bayonet Type



(RTS) Bayonet Bore Type



(RTH) Air Bayonet Type



(RTR) Bayonet Type



(RTI) Inset Type / (RTIT) Inset Type with Transmitter



(RTKR) Terminal Block with Fittingnut / (RTKRT) with Transmitter, Fittingnut



(RTK) Terminal Block Type / (RTKT) with Transmitter




(RTKRI) Inset Type, Fittingnut / (RTKRIT) Transmitter with Fittingnut