Profile Step Controller

EMKO Electronik offers profile controller with the following features:

-100 program, 1000 step control.

- Programmable relay functions per steps.

- Universal process input (TC, RTD, mV Z , V Z , mA Z ).

- 6 different electric cut-out behaviour - ON/OFF, P, PI, PD, PID reverse and direct control.

- Motorized valve control with feedback.

- Motorized valve control floating control.

- Auto-Tuning and Self-Tuning (automatic calculations of PID parameters).

- Automatic / Manual operating modes.

- Bumpless transfer ability.

- Sensor Error detection.

- Remote Set control.

- Re-transmission (for process, SET values).

- Operating with Real Time Clock (RTC).

- 8 set point which is selected with digital inputs.

- ModBus ASCII/RTU communication protocol


For further information see links below:

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