Arc Welding Robots

Robotic arc welding with MOTOMAN robots will increase output, reduce manufacturing costs whilst providing consistent high quality. It offers an ideal solution for customers with medium to high production who need to compete in a challenging business climate.


We provide dedicated arc welding robots:

MOTOMAN arc welding robots such as the MA1400 and MA1900 have been specifically developed for welding applications. The robots provide additional benefits that will increase reliability and uptime. The upper arm guides the hose bundle through the center, which reduces interference with the work piece and fixture and reduces maintenance.


Optimized performance:

For optimized performance multiple robots are controlled from the DX100robot controller. This provides superior path accuracy and unmatched ability for synchronous control of eight robots (up to 72 axes in total including external axes). This also makes it possible to consider jiggles welding which offers some unique advantages for welding complex work pieces and subsequent handling operations reducing fixture costs.


A Compete welding systems:

YASKAWA and robotics engineering are synonymous and our standard range of robot welding systems and concepts contain all elements that make up the system, such as the robot, positioner, guarding, safety equipment, etc. These systems are configured to suit the customer's exact requirement.


For further information about related and available robots for this application see PDF file below:


Arc Welding Robots PDF