Safety Door and Limit switches

Safety Door Switches detect when mechanical guards or covers are closed. They are available in models using either mechanical or non-contact detection, and operation with special keys or actuators is possible.

Compact non-contact Door Switch D40Z

Compact Non-Contact Door Switch/Non-Contact Door Switch Controller D40A / G9SX-NS

Guard Lock Safety-door Switch/D4SL-N-mounting Slide Key D4SL-N, D4SL-NSK10-LK[]

Guard Lock Safety-door Switch D4NL

Guard Lock Safety-door Switch/Slide key D4JL, D4JL-SK40

Safety-door Switch D4NS, D4NS-SK

Slim Safety Door Switch D4GS-N

Safety-door Hinge Switch D4NH

Safety-door Switch D4BS

Guard Lock Safety-door Switch D4BL



Safety Limit Switches are limit switches equipped with direct opening mechanisms.

Safety Limit Switch D4N

Small Safety Limit Switch D4F

Safety Limit Switch D4B-[]N

Pull-reset Safety Limit Switch D4N-[]R


OMRON also offers Switches for persons who operate machines manually in the hazard zone, when robot teaching, process changing and performing maintenance.

Guard Lock Safety Key Selector Switch A22LK

Safety Key Selector Switch A22TK

Enabling Grip Switch A4EG

Enabling Switch A4E