Power Factor Correction Trays

The power factor correction tray is a complete tray, which can be used in power factor correction systems, with the following components:

• Contactors with damping resistors to limit capacitors’ inrush current (230Vac coil).

• N07V-K self-extinguish cable according to IEC 20/22I2 – IEC 50267-2-1 standards.

• Three-phase fuse holder type NH00

• Power fuses NH00-gG

• Three phase self-healing polypropylene capacitors.

• Discharge devices.

• Degree of protection: IP20



EUROrack system is ideal solution for OEM and switchgears manufacturers, they are indeed suitable to the most common switchgears sizes, in addition:

• EUROrack is compact and with high power density,

• EUROrack is available detuned and not detuned,

• Powers from 12,5 kVAR to 100kvar in a single tray.

• Bus bars suitable to bear up to 400kvar detuned or not detuned.

• Easy to assembly as power bus bars and NH fuses are incorporated in the tray support.


ICAR provides several types of power factor correction trays due to the number of steps, max reactive power provided by the tray, operational voltage, etc.


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