Power Factor Controllers

The power factor controller is working together with the capacitors and reactors (in detuned filter cabinets), which is the key component of the automatic power factor correction system. It is in fact the "intelligent" element, responsible for the verification of the power factor of the load, in function of which controls the switching on and off of the capacitors batteries in order to maintain the power factor of the system beyond the target.

The reactive power regulators RPC are designed to provide the desired power factor while minimizing the wearing on the banks of capacitors, accurate and reliable in measuring and control functions are simple and intuitive in installation and consultation. The flexibility of ICAR regulators allows you to modify all the parameters to customize its operation to fit the actual characteristics of the system to be corrected (threshold power factor, sensitivity of step switching, reconnecting time of the steps, presence of photovoltaics, etc.).

ICAR provides several types of power factor controllers due to number of steps and existence of harmonic distortion and other specifications:

1.    8BGA reactive power regulator


The RPC 8BGA reactive power regulator equips MULTImatic automatic power factor correction systems.

It is a very innovative controller, with exclusive features:

• High electrical performance

• Extended Capabilities

• Graphic display

• Advanced communication

• Upgradability, even after installation

• Powerful supervision software


2.     5LSA and 7LSA reactive power regulators


5LSA/ 7LSA reactive power regulators equip MicroMatic, Minimatic, MIDImatic, automatic power factor correction systems. They are managed by a microprocessor and offer many features while maintaining a simple way of consultation, either locally or from a PC via RS232 serial port to which they are fitted as standard.

They offer a flexibility of use, are in fact able to adjust the power factor between 0,8 inductive to 0,8 capacitive, and to operate in cogeneration plants; offer standard temperature control and the ability to set one of available output relays for activating visual alarms/sound at distance.

The RPC 5LSA 7LSA regulators can operate in automatic or manual mode.

In the first case acting in complete autonomy switching on and disconnecting the steps available until reaching the desired power factor; in the second case will be the operator to force the switching and disconnection of the steps: the regulator, however, will monitor operations to prevent potential damage to the capacitors (such as verifying compliance with the discharge times before a new switching).


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