Active Harmonic Filters

As the Power Electronic operated loads are widely used in any field of energy consumption, the need for Active Harmonic Filtration is spreading in Industrial as well as Private and Tertiary applications.

The flexibility of ACTIVEmatic compensation allows their selection and implementation even at the design stage, without knowing the actual load profiles.

ACTIVEmatic can also efficiently compensate harmonic currents along with other Power Quality devices, such as Power Factor Correction Banks and Voltage Stabilizers, that ICAR makes and offer as a comprehensive package.


• Variable Speed Drives

• (UPSs) Uninterrupted Power Supplies

• Building automation

• Welding

• Tunnel ventilation

• Data centers

• Marine propulsion

• Large elevators and cranes

• Oil and gas

• Wind turbines

• Paper mills

• Steel industry

• Cement industry

• Automotive industry

• Water treatment


For further information see link below:

ACTIVEmatic FA30 catalogue