Cutting Robots

MOTOMAN robots are the perfect choice for many cutting applications with laser, plasma, water jet or mechanical cutting.


Accuracy is the key:

The DX100 controller with its sophisticated control software in combination with the MOTOMAN robot delivers excellent accuracy and path following capabilities, which consistently provides precise results. Robots can now be used for applications where only CNC machines were able to achieve the required results, but at a much reduced investment level.


Additional advantage over dedicated cutting machines:

Robots can work in three dimensions offering greater flexibility than many dedicated cutting or CNC machines. In addition a robot could be used for other processes within the same facility adding to the value of the investment. For instance this could in a cell where the robot first cuts the components, followed by a welding operation and possibly even a finishing operation.


Off-line programming:

Off-line programming of a robot is realistic option for cutting or machining of complex 3D work pieces. It can help to reduce robot programming time and achieve very high accuracy. It is also possible to import 3D data from CAD. MOTOMAN robots from YASKAWA can offer a cost effective alternative for rapid proto type cutting and machining automation.


For further information about related and available robots for this application see PDF file below:

Cutting Robots PDF