Packaging Robots

Join the many MOTOMAN robot users who have recognized the cost effectiveness and flexibility that robotic packing can bring as a preference to dedicated solutions.


Efficiency through speed

MOTOMAN robots from YASKAWA can deliver staggering increases to line speed as the can move very quickly without wasting movement or handle several products in a single cycle using a multiple gripper.


Flexibility through ability

MOTOMAN robots can easily be adapted for different packing requirements, simply by creating a different program. Robot programming is an easy task aimed at technician's level so anybody can do this. Setting up time between different packing applications is much faster than for any dedicated packing machine, which means more productivity for you.


Use a packing robot to create additional value 

Given the flexibility of the robot it can also be used for other tasks within the same packing line such as labelling, grouping of product and case erecting. This means that no additional investment is required in dedicated machinery.


For further information about related and available robots for this application see PDF file below:

Packaging Robots