Pick & Place Robots

MOTOMAN pick and place robots can perform tedious, repetitive tasks with ease, speed and accuracy in all areas of manufacturing.


Using a MOTOMAN robot

Robotic pick and place is very fast and offers a rapid return on investment. MOTOMAN robots can operate in environments where hygiene is an issue and with the use of conveyor tracking and vision systems the robot can be equipped with the kind of intelligence that can eliminate the need for dedicated tooling.


Pick the right picking robot for the right application

For general picking applications up to a pay load of 3 kg the MOTOMAN MPP3 is a machine with world class performance. For applications where the robot needs to move deep into a specific area the MOTOMAN MPK2 picking robot with its slender arm construction offers an excellent solution.


MOTOMAN SCARA robots, high precision, speed and reliability 

These reliable, high-performance robots can be mounted virtually anywhere to provide layout flexibility. They are ideal machines to perform handing operations in the pharmaceutical industry or in combined handling and assembly applications in the electronics industry.


Whatever your need, YASKAWA always offers the right MOTOMAN robot to carry out your specific application. Contact us for further information.


For further information about related and available robots for this application see PDF file below:


Pick & Place Robots